Looking around our site you may have noticed that we don’t exactly fall into the typical look and feel of a production company. (Even our suites, as seen above, don’t fall into that look or feel either!) We like the clean design of many production websites. We like them a lot. But that type of design is not a true reflection of the kind of company we are.

Over the years that we’ve run this company (Est. 2001) there have been trials and tribulations. But the one that is relentless in the pressure from outside to try and change us into a company we do not want to be. “A company like yours should be like this.” Or “behave like that.” Look the way others do. Act the way others want.

The struggle can be just as internal:  ‘Who are we?”

We are, in fact, an odd collection of diverse experiences and backgrounds. We are warm and human. We are technology and tradition. We are small but we think big.

That’s why the site, particularly the home page, is designed the way it is. We are a cabinet of curiosities. Things that get you where you want to go, but don’t take the same obvious path others have taken.


“ Our approach is always to bring a human side to our productions. In order for a story, any story, to resonate the audience has to feel something. Finding that human connection, that emotional hook, is what keeps an audience engaged. ”

A key to FPS’ success has been a keen sense of client needs, wants and concerns – but Cathy and Jeff are not “button pushers”.  They actively collaborate with their clients to explore and create a rich palette of options and ideas to bring the client’s concepts to life. Their stem to stern approach is perfect for directing and producing engrossing, passionate, watchable stories.

“ We eschew the cookie-cutter approach. Instead we study and we ask what is most appropriate for the subject and audience while striving to create something unique. ”

FPS Productions is a full-service production company specializing in high-definition (4K) corporate and commercial content creation. Regardless of final output, we shoot in 4K to allow for the most flexibility in delivery.

FPS places the highest importance on pre-production. Location scouting, shot lists, and/or storyboards are just part of the preparation that makes for a smooth production. The result?  Fears are allayed and energies can be put into creative thinking and execution. Not forgetting that by pre-planning erroneous assumptions aren’t made and everyone is on “the same page” with regards to the direction of the project.

In production, our approach to videography isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.  Multiple cameras and an extensive selection of hand-picked 35mm lenses provide optical solutions for every need and only serve to broaden our creative approach. Our in-house equipment list includes light kits, camera dollies, track systems, portable chroma-key systems, product light tents, motorized turntables, macro-photography kits, a teleprompter kit, an infra-red camera, a custom library of portable backdrops and more. And, of course, we rent equipment as necessary.

FPS pays attention to important details like make-up and wardrobe so that everyone looks good on camera. And we account for necessary props, backdrops and other embellishments to help a scene come alive. Our personnel are certified in mobile crane and scissor-lift operation to get those dramatic shots that make or break productions. And because safety is so important to us, all full-time staff have been trained by St. John’s Ambulance to not only deal with a medical crisis but avoid one as well.

Filet Post-Production, the post division of FPS,  offers finish solutions to fit a wide range of project needs. As in production, Filet finishes everything in full HD regardless of delivery to ensure the most flexibility.

With a rich background in creative editing and graphics, the technical aspects of film & video, training in art and design and a passion for process and organization their experiential assets are unmatched.

The company prides itself on being a full service facility with state of the art equipment, a High-Definition 15 seat screening theatre, two 3-D graphics suites, two HD picture edit suites and a mastering/duplication room.

Beyond “the gear” Filet strives to make people as comfortable as possible and provide an insular environment that allows clients to focus on the project at hand while offering access to services that help them to keep in touch with their colleagues and maintain a smooth workflow.


Filet Production Services’ (FPS) portfolio of work may be the richest and most diverse in Nova Scotia and includes both broadcast & internal projects, production & post-only. Clients include the NSLC, NSCC, Nova Scotia Tourism, McCain, Medavie Blue Cross, BellAliant, Eastlink Television & Internet, Rio Tinto/Iron ore Canada, Municipal group/Dexter Construction, Phoenix Youth Programs, CO-OP Atlantic, Pizza Delight, , NSAC, N.S. Department of Transportation, N.S. Department of Health, Baxter’s Dairy, Workmen’s Compensation Board, N.B. Health, Tourism PEI, Mount Saint Vincent University, Saint Mary’s University, Cactus (Ottawa), Growthworks Atlantic, Working Opportunities Fund (Vancouver), NSBI, Canadian Blood Services and many, many more.

Over the last 14 years the FPS team has gathered Ice Awards Gemstones, Applied Arts, Mobius and Mercury awards. We won Best Online Video and a Craft Awards for Cinematography and editing at the 2014 Ice Awards. In 2011 we won the Atlantic Small Business Philanthropy award and we shared a Love Unlimited Film Festival & Art Exhibition Award. In 2007 we shared an “Official Selection” for a documentary in the Heartland Film Festival. And FPS’s collaborative efforts have been short-listed for a Cannes Award. Prior to FPS, members of the team have collaborated on numerous award-winning projects which have received, among others, a Bronze Cannes Lion for a 60 second television ad and a US Independent Film & Video Award for Outstanding Achievement in a documentary.

Our company is a proud, hard-working member of the Atlantic Canadian business community.

Telling stories is what we love to do.
And we’d love to tell yours.